Restorative products and tools to help you to live a healthy lifestyle


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Give the gift of health - Get access to our active recovery workouts, live streaming classes, and restorative lifestyle fitness programs ANYTIME...ANYWHERE in the Virtual Holistic Studio.

36 Inch Foam Roller

High-density foam roller with molded edges: Extra firm - best for intermediate and above. High density expanded polypropylene that is designed for deeper massage.

Massage Stick

The portable, easy to carry muscle roller travels easily wherever you go - it’s like having a massage therapist on a stick. Take care of tired or sore muscles at the gym, at home, or even at work!

BIG Ball

The Tiger Ball 5.0 Foam Roller Ball is designed for both athletes and office warriors alike and is perfect for targeting trigger points, such as back, hips and glutes, as well as smaller muscle groups and fascia.

The Twins

These massage balls will help release soft tissues and allow you to apply bilateral pressure around body structures (great for neck, back and shoulders.

Stretch Strap

Extra long stretch strap facilitates a safe and effective full body stretch. A Stretch strap provides additional stability during unassisted stretches and poses.

Core Ball

Improve myofascial mobility to help increase strength, speed and wellness. For all over muscle use including belly, neck, abdominals, rotator cuff, belly, and PSOAS.

Acupressure Mat

Thousands of acupressure points stimulate nerves and improve blood circulation for increased energy and faster muscle recovery.