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Includes 7 Days of muscle care videos suitable for all experience levels (beginners are welcome!)


Rollassage® is a self-directed muscle care method that explores the use of massage tools to increase flexibility, minimize muscle pain and improve performance.

1 Week

Each day, for 7 days, you will receive an email with 2 Rollassage videos, instructions and tips.  Need help?  Our coaches are available.

1 Tool

Although there are several Rollassage tools to choose from, we keep it simple in this challenge and use only the Big Ball.

Many Benefits

Yes!  You will feel AWESOME.  In addition, look to experience increased flexibility, lessened muscle pain, and improved performance.

Tia Smith

Certified Yoga Instructor & Wellness Pro

This was my first experience with Ronnie trying her unique Rollassage class and it was absolutely wonderful. When the class size is small she really keys into her clients needs and injuries to provide the best class for all. In addition, I love the difference between before the class to after the class, it left my body feeling more rejuvenated, definitely restored, and blissfully happy. Thank you Ronnie! (: <3 I will gladly return for more classes!

Take the 7-Day Rollassage Challenge

Increase flexibility | Minimize Muscle Pain | Improve Physical Performance