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The Rollassage® Challenge

Your very own journey to increased flexibility, muscle pain relief and improved physical performance! This free video series includes 7 days of Rollassage® for all experience levels.

LIVE! Restorative Fitness Classes

Learn ways to move and feel your best with access to our LIVE! interactive Rollassage®, iRestore Self-Care Workout, Restorative Yoga, Roll & Stretch, Meditation and more classes. 

Movement Improvement Exercises

Increase your range of motion, minimize muscle pain, and improve your mobility with this 7 Day Movement Improvement Course (No equipment necessary). COMING SOON. 

Brenda Canning

President/Owner of Island Fitness, Anna Maria Island FL

Ronnie not only teaches an incredible workshop that changes weekly working on different muscles, but she also supplies the tools you may use in workshop and may want to purchase,so you are able to continue to practice the exercises she shows you on your own. I would highly recommend Ronnie's workshops to any individual of any age & fitness level to give her class a try. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET HOOKED.

LIVE Streaming Classes

We offer free LIVE online classes every Monday and Friday at 10am.  In addition, iRestore Online Studio Members have access to monthly special events.  (i.e. Chair Yoga, Yoga for Insomniacs, iRestore Yoga Wine Down Party, Observe Mindfulness, and MORE)

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Daily Movement Improvement

We're here to help you feel better, move better and perform better.  Whether you're preparing for an upcoming competition or simply want to live pain free, taking time daily to perform exercises for movement improvement can go a long way in helping you to reach your goals.

Join us daily for short and saweet mobility drills that will include a variety of movement improvement exercises, stretches and Rollassage® moves.

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Join our iRestore FitFam

Our private Facebook group is the perfect place to find like-minded people, ask questions, share your journey and keep yourself accountable.

You'll have access to our Restorative Fitness Coaches, quarterly challenges, daily encouragement and more!

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Over the years, iRestore Fitness has helped thousands to develop healthy self care habits to feel their best.  Here are just a few of our testimonials:

Bridget Dalpe

Fitness Instructor

"Best class for recovery! After Rollassage class, I feel like I just had a deep tissue massage. "

Patty Mora

"Ronnie helped me gain control of my Type 2 diabetes and within a year, not only did I lose 30 lbs, I was asking, What diabetes?"

Liz Raedeke

"Ronnie and her program are absolutely brilliant! Each class had new informational takeaways (even for the trainers!)." 

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