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Learn to implement active recovery workouts to improve physical performance and minimize injuries.

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iRestore is the Active Recovery Workout.


If you want to get better results, improve physical performance, and avoid injuries you must learn to actively restore and repair the body.


In iRestore, we provide a proven holistic approach to muscle recovery that includes:

Self MyoFascial Release

Foam Rolling to help the tissues lengthen during stretching & activate during exercises.

Mobility Drills

Exercises that take the muscles, tendons, and the joint through their entire range of motion.

Advanced Flexibility Training

PNF Stretches that involve both the stretching and contracting of the targeted muscle group.

Monique Peterson

Certified iRestore Professional & Rollassage Certified Specialist

iRestore was a much needed skill added tool in my tool kit.  As a fitness studio owner, I've used the knowledge gained in this certification to teach weekly iRestore "active" Rest Day Workouts, offer group mobility training and create better injury prevention programs for my athletes.  Thanks iRestore Fitness!

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