Weekly Mood Enhancing Meditation - Body Appreciation

meditation Feb 03, 2021
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Weekly Mood Enhancing Meditation - 3 Mindful Breaths

meditation Jan 13, 2021
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Weekly Mood Enhancing Meditation - Alleviating Anxiety Through Positive Self Talk


Sometimes thinking too much or being tense and anxious doesn't allow for us to relax.  Learn to use positive self talk to combat stressful situations.

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Weekly Mood Enhancing Meditation - Cultivating Joy

meditation Dec 08, 2020
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Learn Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are two practices that often go hand-in-hand. Mindfulness is all about appreciating and living in the moment, while meditation lets you focus on one singular thing and relax your mind and body. Put them together and you have an excellent self-care practice for the Winter. 

First, let’s go over what each of these practices is, beginning with meditation.

What is Meditation? 

When you meditate, you are trying to reach a state of calm. Instead of thinking about all the things worrying you or stressing you out, you are trying to think about nothing at all. In some cases, you will focus on just one thing. You want to clear your mind, relax your body, and really just let everything else float away. This does take a lot of practice, so the more you do it, the easier it will be for you. 

To assist you we've created a restorative fitness guide, How to Tap into the Power of Mindfulness Mediation for an Abundant Life.  

What is...

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