How to Stay Motivated in 2021

goals motivation Jan 17, 2021

2020 taught us just how unpredictable life can be. It reminded us of the need to be flexible and adaptable with ever-changing times. One of the main highlights of 2020 was the effects caused globally by the Covid-19 pandemic. But as 2021 sets in, for many of us, there is a need to reboot, set goals and move forward. Below are four ways you can remain focused and motivated as you chart a successful 2021.

1.  Write Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals gives you the hype to work hard towards achieving those goals. For instance, if in 2021 you intend to pursue specific fitness goals, then it is very important you write those targets down. Once you have done so, ensure you keep reminding yourself about those fitness goals. This will give you the motivation to get to the gym or attend an online class.

2.  Capitalize On External Accountability

Having someone to answer to, will ensure you stay motivated towards achieving your goals in 2021. If getting stronger and/or leaner is your desired outcome then find a reliable workout partner to help keep you motivated.  This partner should be ready, willing and able to keep you focused on your fitness plan.  Whether you workout together in person, online or self paced with a check-in, the important thing is that you both stay committed to keeping each other on track.

3.  Create A To-Do List

Having a to-do list gives you a comprehensive list of the things you intend to do. If it is visiting the gym, participating in an online workout session, performing self care acts etc., make sure you have it on your to-do list.  Reference your to do list daily to make sure you are remaining focused on the tasks and projects that you have deemed a priority.  

4.  Set Reasonable Timelines

You must have deadlines for achieving your goals if you want to stay motivated in 2021. It seems like very little gets done without a finish line in sight.  By having due dates and deadlines, you create a since of urgency and focus for a particular task. If your goal is to shed a certain amount of weight, set a date when you expect to achieve that target. This will help you summon the motivation to keep working out and putting in place other efficient weight loss management procedures to propel you towards your intended goal.


Remember we are all susceptible to losing focus from time to time.  It when it does give yourself a break, say something encouraging to yourself, and refer back to the above motivation strategy.  You got this!   


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