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About Us

We believe that developing better self-care habits is the ONLY way to achieve long-term vitality, pain relief, & weight loss.


Hi there FitFam!

Ronnie Fulton here.

I’m the founder and leader of this AMAZING team of Self-Care Professionals here at iRestore Fitness, a healthy living company that provides actionable self-care strategies for long term vitality, pain relief and weight loss.

If you’re tired of being told to work out more and eat less only to find yourself feeling achy, old and falling short your fitness goals then you, Fam, are in the right place.  It is our mission at iRestore Fitness to provide you with a proven comprehensive road map for better health.  We call this our 7-Steps.  These 7-Steps are made up of 7 self-care habits that when developed and maintained improves how you look, how you feel and your quality of life.

Our Restorative Programs and Events have helped thousands to develop better habits and get better results.

Learn How I Can Help you

Need help maintaining a "happy" mindset and your daily self-care habits? We got your back! Join the FREE iRestore FitFam for your monthly suggested meal plans, weekly workouts, and monthly challenges. Our goal is to help you maintain a happy mindset, practice daily self-care habits and achieve better fitness results.  Click here to join.

Rollassage® empowers you to release muscle tension yourself, any place, anytime.  You can use your massage tools to find that perfect "Happy Spot" and just work it out.  No need to book an appointment.  No need to incur an expense.  Sign up for the free 7-Day Rollassage® Challenge.

Successful weight loss – the kind that stays off happens when your mind is focused on health and wellbeing. Fad diets, pillsand crazy routines won’t help you create a lifestyle centered around longevity 

This guide will help you find the balance between feeling sexy, obtaining the results you’ve always dreamt of and achieving mental focus so that you can live the kind of life you’ve always imagined.

Download the guide

We specialize in restorative classes and workshops.  Check out our calendar for dates and details.

Our Story

iRestore Fitness started not as a business but more as an expression of my love for massage.  As a licensed massage therapist, certified corrective exercise specialist and fitness coach I had a passion for helping to relieve muscle pain and empowering people to feel their best.  Over the years, as my private practice grew and the demand for my services outpaced my ability to take on new clients I looked for ways to help more clients more often.  In the spring of 2013, I grabbed a stack of foam rollers and a bag of lacrosse balls and used my knowledge and experience of massage and muscle care to teach my first muscle recovery class at my local YMCA.  It was a hit!  Students loved it and I absolutely loved teaching it.  Originally called Yoga R&R, Rollassage quickly grew in demand as it filled a much needed void in the fitness industry, a need for self-care.

The more popular Rollassage became the more students I worked with.  The more students I worked with the more I realized how eager people were to learn simple strategies to make themselves feel better.  I began to expand my services to health coaching, group training and offering workshops on various health topics but quickly realized the true value was in providing an actual road map of proven steps they could follow...and the iRestore approach to fitness was formed.   

iRestore Fitness has evolved into a healthy living company.  

You can think of us for all things related to massage, self-care, healthy habits and natural lifestyle solutions.  We work tirelessly to provide you with innovative education, experiential events, and ongoing support to keep you informed, inspired, and empowered to feel your best. 

We'd LOVE to hear from you!

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About Ronnie

I am a dedicated student of massage, natural health and yoga.  As a self-care professional with over twenty years experience, I hold a license in massage therapy in the state of Florida and numerous certifications in personal training, corrective exercise, mobility, yoga and wellness coaching. 

It is my personal mission in life to make the world brighter by helping as many people as possible to feel better in their bodies.  When you feel better…you do better!

To Your Health & Happiness,

--Ronnie Fulton


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