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"I’ve had the pleasure of watching Ronnie shine in her roles as massage therapist, fellow fitness instructor and self care guru. She has exceptional knowledge of the human body and the way in which it moves. Rollasage has taught me how to recover my body post workout and prevent injuries, becoming an integral part of my wellness routine. It allows me to challenge my body, push my limits and do it all over again tomorrow."

Erin Lee
Fitness Trainer & Group Ex Instructor

"This was my first experience with Ronnie trying her unique Rollassage class and it was absolutely wonderful. When the class size is small she really keys into her clients needs and injuries to provide the best class for all. In addition, I love the difference between before the class to after the class, it left my body feeling more rejuvenated, definitely restored, and blissfully happy. Thank you Ronnie! (: <3 I will gladly return for more classes!"

Tia Smith
Yoga Instructor

"I took Ronnie's class at the Yoga Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. It was amazing. I want to get certified in Rollasage and share the yumminess with others!"

Fran Rubio-Katz
Mindset Coach for Educators & Families

"Rollasage is fantastic. I learned so much and now do it regularly at home."

Irina LaRose
Rollassage Student

"I have taken 5 or 6 classes with Ronnie. I learned alot about how my pain is related throughout my body from my head to my toes. I roll my feet while sitting at my desk. My stress is lower and my muscles less sore. Thank you for showing me my Happy Spots."

Deborah Oelrich
Rollassage Student

"What an amazing class and an improvement in the way I feel! Ronnie is a wealth of knowledge. If you’re on the fence, you should definitely take this class! Can’t wait for the next one. 😃"

Lisa Fitzgerald
Rollassage Student

"I can't say enough about all the benefits of taking Rollassage classes! Ronnie has so much knowledge about the body and what's best for us! When class is over, you literally feel like you've just had a massage! I'm not that disciplined at home, so I try really hard to get to two Rollassage classes a week! 💝"

Sandy Sadler Lynch
Rollassage & iRestore Yoga Student

"Ronnie is an outstanding instructor. You will learn strategies for improving your health and wellbeing in a safe and fun atmosphere."

Janet Banks
Rollassage & iRestore Yoga Student

"great class, very educational and upbeat at the same time. ronnie was excellent at explaining foam rolling and we felt AMAZING after the class!!"

Sandy Ridgdill
Rollassage Student

"I took FemPower with Ronnie, and it was excellent. We practiced using massage tools on ourselves to help the muscles attached to the pelvis function better. I’m able to practice the techniques at home. Her energy is fabulous!"

Rachel Kisellus
FemPowerX Workshop Attendee

"If you are fortunate enough to know Ronnie, you know that she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your overall health. And she truly cares about helping others achieve their best. She will gladly talk to you about the importance of digestive care and maintaining a healthy microbiome...aka, your gut! It's very key! Ronnie helped me gain control of my Type 2 diabetes and within a year, not only did I lose 30 lbs, I was asking, "What diabetes?" Ronnie gives you the tools to achieve your very best and feel great! She will inspire you!"

Patty Mora
Wellness Program Participant

"Ronnie and her program are absolutely brilliant! Ronnie has led two recovery workshops for my campers and each time it has been a hit. Not only did my clients adore her bubbly personality but each class had new informational takeaways (even for the trainers!). Her technique and knowledge of the human body allows her to address the needs of any client, ranging from top athletes to the geriatric population. I would highly recommend Ronnie and I am confident anyone can benefit from her Rollassage program."

Liz Raedeke
Fitness Pr & Camp Gladiator Owner

"Ronnie is a stellar instructor due to her vast knowledge. She is very personable treating each student as if they were the only student in the class. I have had the pleasure of participating in her online detox programs and found them to be inspiring and effective."

Tonya Mayfield
Seasonal Reset Participant

"I've been attending Rollassage with Ronnie Fulton off and on for about three years now. Since working with her I have less low back pain, fewer headaches and I've learned so much about my body. Ronnie empowers me to take the best care of myself. I highly recommend her recovery classes to everyone HANDS DOWN!"

Cy Lang
Rollassage Student

"So if you take my Rollassage classes, you’ve probably already heard this, but I feel a need to share my testimony with EVERYBODY because the more people this format can help, the better."

Kelly Winton
Certified Personal Trainer & Group Ex Instructor

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