Better HABITS.


With LIVE Stream classes, on demand active recovery videos,
recipes meal packs and accountability coaching,
you're sure to stay moving and motivated like never before.



A Fitness Class for Every BODY

No matter your fitness level or goals, iRestore Fitness has a class for you.

Mobility Exercises

Improve your range of motion and will prevent the stiffness that comes with muscle build-up and strength training.

Functional Fitness

Train your muscles to work together and prepare them for real life movement and activities.


Give your body time to restore itself, allow for improved performance, and decrease risk of potential injury. 

Roll with me!

Hi, I'm Ronnie, and I've been using my love of massage, muscle care, and healthy eating to help others achieve better fitness results for the last 20 years.


Join me for a Live Stream class, Virtual Fitness Coaching, an On Demand Video or one of our Restorative Programs and start rolling your way to your fitness goals.

More About Me
Ronnie Fulton, Licensed Massage Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist & Registered Yoga Instructor

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What can you expect from an iRestore Fitness class? 

iRestore Fitness is all about restoring your body, empowering you through know-how and having fun...of course!  The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be.  No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:  

Form & Technique

Proper form and alignment is key to staying safe and maximizing results.

Diverse Classes

We'll mix it up:  different tools, different techniques, different moves each class.


Every class can be personalized to fit your fitness needs and adjusted to any physical limitations.



Our most popular plan

  • LIVE Stream Classes
  • On Demand Videos
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Access to Coaches
  • Monthly Recipe Meal Packs

Membership means unlimited access

See more than one class you’d like to try? Sign up for a membership, and enjoy unlimited classes. Any class, any time, you’ll get access to them all! 

Become an Instructor

Get paid to feel good and teach others to do the same.  Join us for the iRestore Professional Workshop and get certified to teach classes, lead workshops and work with clients one-on-one both virtually and in person.

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